Saturday, January 15, 2011


Well QLD is underwater and everything has come to a screaming halt! While we weren't directly affected with water, we are right next door to suburbs that were and ended up being blocked off of a few days.

The aftermath is something else, the destruction is devastating to see. People have had their entire homes inundated with water, and others who were only halfway underwater still lost everything. It's getting to the point now where the anger is settling into the community, Steve has been out helping with the clean up the past two days and he was amazed at how many people are there to help, but there are more sightseer's and they are disgusting, people dressed up to the nines in their cars just gawking at other peoples misery. They not olnly block the road for genuine helpers to get through, yesterday people who were there to help were being turned away because there were too many sightseers breaking through the lines just walking around taking photos :(

The common thread down in one area is that they weren't told to evacuate until very late, and when they were they were told they were given 5mins to get their things and get out. Inlcuding shop owners, one of which was a pet shop and dog motel where animals had to be left behind. A lot of people hadn't prepared because the news was very vague for our area. There were numerous people who were told they couldn't take their cars etc so how they were supposed to get things out is beyond me. Complete and utter chaos and the people who were helping evacuate had no idea what they were doing except get the people out, mind you they were evacuated in the mid afternoon and the water didn't even reach near there till past midnight.  We were down on the other side of the river to the dog motel the following morning when it was underwater and could see them down there struggling to get the dogs out, turns out there were 70 dogs that were being housed in there. They got them all out, but it was heartbreaking to watch.

Anyway, as horrible as it all is, the clean up is well underway people have slowed down on the panic buying and although Steve will be out of work until his boss works out how to tackle everything we're all fine and feeling very lucky and grateful that we weren't directly affected by the waters.

Needless to say that my 'diet' efforts kind of got forgotten this week, feels very trivial to even be thinking about it, but life does go on and my life isn't going anywhere fast this week! So back to it on Monday, will be trying to restart food diaries and keeping a record of things a little better.

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